A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Nice endless runner created in 72 hours for the 34th edition of Ludum Dare Game Jam. Hope you enjoy it.

How to play

Use the A, Z or Left key to get smaller. D, X or Right key to get bigger.

You can press two of them (Left and Right key; A and D; Z and X) to activate your super attack.

You can take screenshots by pressing the Up key.

And to pause the game, press Esc, when your game is paused press again Esc to exit to the title menu!

To kill enemy, you have to be the same size it is.

The icon in the lower right corner shows you whether your super attack is available, the hearts in your higher right corner show you your health.


Created by AMYMIST (click here for Amy's Twitter) and Petercraft. If you want to watch the streams click here. You can also check my channel for time-lapse here.

And finally you can find the source code here.

Install instructions

Download the zip, extract it, and inside it, there will be "GrowingIce.jar" file, double-click it and enjoy.

If you are on Window platform, there will be a "windows-debug.bat" file, use it to see the console output (fps and so on...).


LD34.zip 1 MB

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